My name is MOON Martina Zelenika and I am a professional interdisciplinary artist, producer, a drum performer and art meditation facilitator. I was born in Croatia, and since early March 2020 I live in Berlin. Vibrations Matter was founded in Berlin, in summer 2020 during the soft lockdown of covid_19, while the concept of Vibrations Matter arose as a result of many years of using meditation and alchemical methods in my life practice which is closely connected to the creation of my artworks.

In 2016, I decided to dedicate my full attention to creating art and discovering a new way of expression of meta-perception. Through my art practice I advocate a deep sense of freedom in all people, based on my lifelong sensitivity for environment and exploration of life. Inspired by cosmology, ecology, frequencies and language, my interest is focused on the materialising entities such as image sonification of my drawings and data sonification from the Earth’s magnetic field, brain waves, motion sensors and X-ray laboratory analyses of minerals. My artworks related to the theme of post-humanism are further marked by my own example of creating the practice of reconciliation and balanced integration of natural / digital, human / non-human duality with the use of traditional techniques and the latest digital technologies as tools. By creating content with abstract narrative and motives without strict meaning, I invite you to take a moment for introspection, thus finding your own emotional and mindful reflection.

By sharing my knowledge through Vibrations Matter, I establish a direct and profound connection between you and me, including my artworks. My life obsession has become a major area of interest in work practice. I investigate and work with vibrations, while inviting you to join me in the blissful unity as planetary patriots in rising the world frequency together, with more empathy, tenderness and care.

founder and driving force

MOON interdisciplinary artist


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